Thursday, August 20, 2015

Learning Understanding Text in English - Ultimate Source 2

Learning English in high schools in many Indonesian regions cover some types of text like I have posted here. However those kinds of text in English are not mentioned all. That is why today we are going to continue give you the source to understand the other kind of text.

Some the Understanding Text actually are related to each other. When writing short essay, for example, it is impossible to stay just in one types of text. When we talk about a person in specific, we can say it seems to be a descriptive but inside the text we can explore the personal opinion on certain topic.

What are the other kinds of text in English which students should master? Here are the rest of text which completely make students pass the graduate standard.

1. Descriptive Text
Do you know what is descriptive style when you are writing? Yes it is simply describe the what a thing does a thing look like. In this way then a descriptive is written to show the image of a thing to the readers. The power of descriptive writing is int they way the writer chose the words and organization which make the readers feels or see by them selves. To know more, see the following sources!

2. News Item Text
Like the name, it represent all the written text commonly found in a some news papers. Writing a news item mean presents some events which happened to readers. The writer should choose which events has the news value. See more on the following articles!

3. Spoof Text
This is known as funny story. What must be seriously considered is that from where the sense of fun comes from. When we understand the generic structure of this spoof text, we know that the funny thing appears from the story is packed inside the structure. The way the writer tell the story is what makes the story funny. To see more, read some articles below!

4. Hortatory Exposition Text
In my previous post, we have present some articles about analytical exposition. Hortatory is the other kind of exposition essay. Both are written to make readers admit that the writer opinion is on the matter. However, analytical and hortatory text is different from each other. See the source below!

5. Review Text
Review is a very professional essay. It is a combination between the subjective opinion and the objective fact. How is the balance composed? That is what we call a review. When we see a painting, it is stand on its own way. That is a fact and a review writer can not denied it but he also has own idea based on the the experience, science, and knowledge he has. In this way, a review text is very similar to a discussion type. To see more, read the articles below!

6. Anecdote Text
Some time we do not understand what is funny story, spoof text, and anecdote. When learning English through text base approach, we have the three kind of text are different from each other. Anecdote is not funny. It is a story which is very similar to narrative. Do you know that a narrative text should teach some moral value? That is expressed verbally in an anecdote text. Rea the articles below!

Those are 6 kinds of text which students from any regions in Indonesia have to cope with when they are learning English. The other types of text have been given in the previous articles. Keep learning English and you will hold your world.

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