Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Expression and Dialog to Practice Speaking English

Do you want to know how quickly to learn and master speaking  English? Well without having to join any English courses, can it be achieved? Or you have attend the most well known English training but the result is not satisfying you? If you are in such condition, follow the tips below

Build your first intention and determination to be able to master English. If there is already a strong will, then the next will be easier.

First learn how to pronounce the English alphabet from A to Z, numbers, and words and phrases such as basic English: I, you, they, she, where, who, why, where, how are you, good , congratulations etc. It can be learned from books to learn English anywhere, not necessarily costly (children now should have learned it in school). Even better if you can learn on the internet utilizing the Google search engine. The purpose of studying words and simple sentences is to generate interest and increase your zeal in learning because it can feel after learning things easy.
dialog conversation between 2 person practicing English
The most important part is the vocabulary of a language (vocabulary). You can set the target should memorize how many new English vocabulary in a day. You can use the English dictionary books or the Internet. You should memorize how to write these words, as well as how to pronounce it right. To know the proper pronunciation of a word you can hear it directly from the Internet, usually of the site English dictionary, for example: The site is an English site gives explanations also in English. But for those of you that beginners can use it to listen to the pronunciation by clicking the trumpet-shaped image after you enter a keyword to be searched meaning. Another alternative is the site which is an online dictionary English - Indonesia. There, in addition to getting the meaning of words in Indonesian, you can also hear the pronunciation of the word. However, the site is incomplete weakness (though continue to improve over time). Additional alternatives are: features translate or an existing translation in the google site which functions as a dictionary (per word can be also per sentence), are also able to listen to the pronunciation of the word.

Learning English grammar (grammar), either when you've mastered enough English words or carried out simultaneously with memorizing vocabulary. You can use any book at first. Once you have enough stock of vocabulary, or can take advantage of a dictionary and looked up the word English quickly, so do not hesitate to have a grammar book (English Grammar) is thick and nice. Learn with regular, diligent, and sustainable. Do not worry if there are some grammar that makes you confused. It does not matter, the important things is able to master such basic construct correct sentences in the context of the current (present tense), past (past tense), the future, which is already happening, and so on. you can learn gradually. Internet can also be utilized in learning English grammar today.

Lots of reading articles or written English as from the Internet, newspapers / magazines in English, English books, etc. With the provision of some of the vocabulary and basic grammar you have mastered, you are expected to at least be able to understand written English. Although only one-third or one-tenth paragraphs that you can know, no problem. Do not be afraid ! You are still in the learning phase. By reading English, you actually will be able to add to your vocabulary is by marking words that do not understand and then find out what it means. You will also be able to picture how the English grammar or how to arrange the words to be a good sentence in the English language by reading these writings. The most important thing is finding the correct material to train you speaking English, not just understand to speak but act out speaking loudly. Some useful materials you can see before speaking it are:

To train your hearing to hear English, you can take advantage of singing in English, listen and compare it with the song lyric that can be obtained from the internet. Or it could also watch movies in English without regard or by eliminating the Indonesian language text.
Exercise to speak English, either directly or mentally. Language learning without practice would indeed be difficult. Find a friend whom you can practice conversing in English. You also can talk to yourself or think using English sentences. Better yet, if you ever tried to chat with friends or meet with foreigners who speak English so you can practice what they have learned directly.

Never give up because it takes time to learn the language. Nobody can instantly instantly proficient in English. Need a process that could take many years to be able to communicate stage wearing good English. So start now so much faster than you would be able to master the English language later.
 Do not be shy! Encourage yourself to speak English loudly! English is not your native language. However if you had spoken it, they would understand it, would understand, and would never mock you if any say. You need to know a lot of people who can not speak English well and smoothly remain desperate to go to a foreign country who speak English, and they are almost entirely never ridiculed with language skills are mediocre. In fact, in the end they with sincerity and courage were able to speak English fluently.

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