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Understanding Narrative Text

Learning types English text on this occasion, we will discuss in detail about the paragraph narrative complete with examples.

This discussion is about understanding paragraphs of narrative (narrative), an example of narrative text, paragraphs example narrative (narrative), the characteristics of a paragraph of narrative (narrative), the types of narrative paragraphs, the purpose of paragraph narrative and others.

Understanding Narrative Paragraphs
Paragraph narrative is shaped or article to the story is arranged in chronological order (in chronological order) to become a series.

In another sense, is a narrative paragraph or article or paragraph that aims to tell or narrate certain events in chronological order.

Paragraph narrative must disclose the events chronologically (sequentially based on time) from beginning to end.

According to the Indonesian big dictionary, means narrative retelling a story or event. The narrative is a narrative means; elaborate, explain and forth or prose in which the subject is a series of events.

In the narrative essay, we must be able to present the writings take the reader on a story as we have experienced.

Accordingly, readers will feel the time sequence described in the text.
The time sequence in which there are various activities that will produce writing narrative interesting to read.

Steps to Create Narrative Paragraph
Activities or paragraph narrative essay writing  by following the steps as follows;

1. Sign up topics that could be developed into a narrative paragraph. For example, activity in maintaining the cleanliness of the school environment.
2. Develop a chronological narrative paragraph framework (based on the sequence of time and events).

Sample Framework of Narrative Paragraph
Title: Susur beach Suak - EVAL, at the same recreational adventure
1. The timing of the
- Activity coastal fringe events
- Activities walk through

2. The concept of the show
- The purpose of the event
- participants
3. The executor
- Adventure Team

4. Implementation of activities
- Structuring place
- Clean the junk

5. Other activities
- Discussion
- Follow-up activities

Narrative Text Sample
Farious samples given to learn and understand how a narrative story is written through the framework.

Example 1
Ir. Soekarno, the first President of the Republic of Indonesia is a nationalist. He led the PNI in 1928. Sukarno spent time in prison and in exile because of his courage against the invaders.
Soekarno speech about the basics of independent Indonesia siding BPUPKI called Pancasila on June 1 1945.Soekarno together Mohammad Hatta as the representative of Indonesia proclaimed Indonesia's independence on August 17, 1945. He was arrested by the Dutch and exiled to Bengkulu in 1948. Sukarno returned to Yogya and restored his position as President in 1949.
Leadership and struggles never disappeared. Soekarno with leaders of other countries became a spokesman for the non-aligned countries at the Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung in 1955.Hampir spent his whole life to serve and fight.

Example 2
I smiled as I take the leap. The cold wind that hit, making the bones all over me bergemeretak.Kumasukkan both hands into his jacket pocket, trying to combat the coldness that was so excruciating. Perfumed veil wood burning in the fireplace to greet me when Eriza opened the door. Fragrance that will be kurindui when I had returned to their homeland. But ayu face in front of me, would kurindui too? There was a pounding in the chest, but kuusahakan to shrug it off. Do not, Bowo, snapped my little heart, do not let your heart be divided. Remember Ratri, she is waiting for your return with all his love.

Example 3
Promptly at 6:00 I woke up, accompanied by the sounds of roosters crowing as if singing while awaken those who still sleep. and can I see birds fluttering leave the nest in search of food. From the east the sun greeted me shyly for the light show. I walked into the front yard right in front of me there is a great way to traffic from a distance looked the paddy fields belonging to farmers who planted rice still green looks very cool, beautiful, and peaceful. From a distance also seen a farmer who was plowing his land unplanted plants, and there is also a farmer who was looking for grass to eat his animals such as goats, cows and buffaloes. Didesaku the average population as a farmer.
This morning looks very busy, on the street "seen mothers who were walking toward the market to sell vegetables. My neighbor who is also a breeder duck no less busy with people". Early in the morning he walked his duck herding kerawah near rice fields for feeding the ducks were lined with neatly pengembalanya smart. It's incredibly interesting to see when we wake up. My grandfather's house overlooking the yard to the east there are trees that shade, there are mango trees bear fruit very dense, next to the left of mango trees can also guava tree water that has not been fruitful for the season yet. And the right side of the house there rambutan tree whose fruit is very sweet. indeed a very beautiful view very beautiful and peaceful place to stay this is the birthplace of my grandfather and me. The village is named NAMBAHDADI this is the best place I visited while on vacation. In addition to meeting the grandparents I also can watch the beautiful view of the peaceful.

Example 4
Kanaya is a lovely girl. He was very loved his friends were also teachers at the school. How come? He was the son of a cheerful, friendly, humble, smiling and nice to everyone. However, for some reason some of these days he is easily offended. He looked glum, always wanted to be alone. Kanaya so rarely dress. The hair is usually braided with ribbons two gorgeous, some of today only loose granted.

Example 5
Sahabat Sejati.Ketika I'm be alone at home in the evening, I terkenangkan unfortunate fate that befell my friend. Sufina and I became friends long since attending school again. Sufina is an orphan. Father and mother died when she was four years old because misfortune involved in the highway. Since then grandma and datuknya guarding. However, before he had received the caresses and affection of a mother, her grandmother had first welcomed the call divine. Now stay with him under surveillance datuknya very loved.
As a friend, I always give a boost so he cekalkan heart whenever he was hit by problems. Sufina have always wondered why his life is not like other teenagers, not in trouble and always cheerful. Sometimes he's sorry to twist his life. Sufina never expressed his desire to quit school because datuknya is not larat work and lately datuknya often fall ill. As a result, datuknya forced to stop work and for a while they were forced to rely on money savings that knows until when it can bear them. Since then, Sufina always ponteng school and I can feel that my friendship with her increasingly tenuous. Although Sufina attending school, he was rarely with me.
I took the decision to investigate whether stem Right as we tenuous friendship. Having to be questioned, I find THAT Amiralah which has been the scissors in the crease. Apparently he has since lately very closely with Sufina. Amira and not sahaja had corrupted my name, but he also has incited Sufina lest again be friends with me. In fact, she has also been invited Sufina menganggotai collection that is believed to help Sufina forget the problem. I do not know how Sufina be affected by Amira pujukan so easily, whereas Sufina is a very difficult to influence. Perhaps because his problem was that made him unable to think properly.
One day, when Sufina was be alone in her class. I have
take the chance to talk with him. I explained to him one by a change in him. Sufina aware of the changes that hit him. He regretted the attitude that easily influenced by Amira and do not know the services of people who have been a lot of help. With persistent effort, slowly-slowly I can bring back to the base Sufina road. I'm excited because Sufina is no longer as it used to. Now he's a jolly girl and not easily discouraged. Even while learning, Sufina moonlighting at the food center immediately to help datuknya. I always pray that life gets better Sufina and shunned weight problems.

For more reading you can see this collection of narrative text stories with various categories and themes.

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