Sunday, March 27, 2016

3 Kinds of Writing Essay

There are several kinds of essay which are written in books, news paper, magazine, journal, academic paper. However to make it simple we can categorize those several kinds into smaller ones. They are narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and argumentative. Now we are going to talk text types into detail

1. Narrative Essay Writing is a narrative essay that presents a series of events that are usually arranged in chronological order. Which is narration includes short stories, novels, romance, travel stories, Biographies, Autobiographies. Traits / characteristics of a narrative essay. Presenting a series of news or events b. Presented in chronological order as well as to support an event beginning to end c. Showing Offender event or events d. Background (setting) is Described as a lively and detailed

2. Description Description Authorship Authorship is the essay that describes or depicts something as if the reader see, hear, feel, experience it for yourself. Traits / characteristics of a bouquet of description. Depicts or describes a particular object b. Aiming to create the impression or experience to the reader so as though they see, feel, experience or hear, itself an object Described c. The nature of his literary objective as always take a Certain objects, the which can be a place, people, and things are personified d. Writing can employ a method or methods of realistic (objective), Impressionistic (subjective), or the attitude of the author 3. Authorship Authorship exposition The exposition is a form of composition roomates is explained, provide information, explain, give information cleary on a matter. Traits / characteristics of a bouquet of exposition. Explaining information so readers know b. Stating something that actually happened (factual data) c. There is no element of influence or impose the will d. Show Objectively analysis or interpretation of the facts e. Shows an incident or something about the work process

4. Persuasion is an authority invention whose aim is to persuade the reader to want to follow the will or the idea of ​​the author, accompanied by reasons of evidence and concrete examples.

5. Essay Writing Argument essay argument is that it aims to convince or influence the reader to a problem with the reasons, evidence and concrete examples. Traits / characteristics of a Argument essay. Trying to convince readers of the truth of the idea of ​​the author so that the truth was Recognized by readers b. Proof comes with the data, facts, charts, tables, pictures c. In the author's argument seeks to change attitudes, opinions or views reader d. In proving something, the authors avoid emotional involvement and distanced subjectivity e. Validating the opinion of the authors, we can use a variety of patterns of evidence
For more discussion on essay classification, there are a blog which talk detail text genres into several catgries. Go to

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