Friday, July 17, 2015

Understanding English Understanding Text: Ultimate Source 1

Are you dealing with English Understanding Text? Have you noticed recently that types of text such as narrative, recount, procedure, factual report, analytical exposition, explanation, discussion, descriptive, news item, spoof, hortatory exposition, review, and anecdote have  a close relationship with learning English in classroom? This methodological classroom learning in English is known as LEARNING ENGLISH THROUGH Understanding Text BASED APPROACH.

Formerly, when students are learning English in classroom, they deal a lots with simple past tense, present perfect tense, direct sentence, passive and active voices in individual section. Students often memorized the pattern of 16 English tenses. They learned hard about  how to form past verb separately from the context. Now such condition is rarely found in English classroom learning.

Types of text is used as functional method to learn English as it is factual. When student learn about narrative for example, the competence of retelling a story is very useful for them when they associate with their community, friends, family member, or sisters.  in case they tries to find story book, they can tell by them selves an interesting story which they have learned in school. This sample is applicable for other types of text. We are giving you the ultimate source to learn all kinds of English text.

1. Source for Learning Narrative Text
Simply narrative is a story. This is actually a technical term as narrative is different from telling experience. In short narrative is a story but not all story is considered as narrative text. Confused? He he you should be but don't worry I give a lot of sources to understand what is in narrative in English text. Here it is
2. Complete Sources for Learning Recount Text in English Understanding Text
What is recount in English Understanding Text? Is there any differences between recount and personal narrative? Can you distinguish what is recount text and what is story. Don't be confused. Here are the utimate guide to master recount text in English
3. A lot of Useful Links to Learn Procedure Text in English Understanding Text.
Procedure text is actually the most functional types of text. Just imagine, what happens if we buy an electronic device and we are not provided with manual installation?  It is easily guess, there were a lot of misapplications happen when we use the electronic for the first time. The manual guide is one of the form of procedure text in English genres. To master what and how a procedure text is written, here are the links to cope with it
4. The Ultimate Guide to Learn Procedure Text in English Genres.
Report, a word which is very often to hear, is a type of text in English. Report or factual report is a scientific writing styles. It is composed after doing a serious research of certain object. Report text is an objective essay. It is written outside of the writer's opinion. Report text is often found in journal, academic writing, weather forecast, writing about nature, etc. What and how a report text is structured can be viewed from the following articles list
5. Useful Links to Learn What Analytical Exposition is in English Understanding Text
Analytical exposition  varies from hortatory text.  Both types of text is to expos the writer opinion but they are written differently. The way of writer arranges the paragraphs to hold the goal of writing is the key. This is what we call generic structure of English Understanding Text. Below are useful articles list to learn analytical exposition text
6. Useful Guide to Understand Explanation Text in English Understanding Text
Have you ever hear the term explanation? Yes it is to explain some thing. Relating to English types of text, explanation form of writing is used to explain in detail how a thing is formed or how the thing happen. This type of text is actually very similar to procedure text. To know more, you can read some very important clues of explanation text below
7. The Most Famoust Articles to Learn Understanding Discussion Text in English Genres.
Discussion text like suggested by the name is a kind of text which tries to give balance view on certain issue. This is the most honest type of writing. The writer tries to show the good side of the issue discussed but he does not forget mentioning some negative side. Discussion text is famous term of a pros and cons essay. Below are some important guide to understand discussion text.
Next time we will continue to the ultimate source 2 for learning other English Understanding Text. They are descriptive, news item, spoof, hortatory exposition, review, and anecdote. Remember though the distinction is made they are not to limitate your way of writing. Your way of writing should be a medium of your flowing thought and it should not bound the free flow. The point is understanding the types of text to correctly write an English essay.

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