Thursday, May 19, 2016

Understanding the Procedure English Text

We often hear this text procedure text. What exactly this type of text shows orders? We start from the simple notion. According to experts, the procedure writing essays that tell you how to do something. So because it provides installation guidance, this paper is often used as a mandatory commercial document for certain products. Let not confused, we see examples of procedures following text!

Example 1 How To Make Simple And Practical Donut
Ingredients: - Wheat flour as much as 1/2 kg - Sugar scoop of sand as much as 4 Human Resources - Butter as much as 3 Human Resources - Instant Yeast is as much as 11 grams or half wrap - Water 200 cc - Milk powder and condensed as much as 3 Human Resources - Salt as much as 2 tea spoo - Egg as much as 2 points

The trick Making donuts with ease:
1. First 2 eggs beaten until frothy, then mix the salt, sugar, milk, flour and butter, then stir until blended.
2. Then enter the yeast into the water and was until evenly, then enter the yeast into the dough already made the point number 1, then knead the dough until smooth, put in a sealed container and let stand for 21 minutes until the dough
3. If you have the subs let stand 21 minutes and the dough is fluffy, it is time take as much as 1 tablespoon of dough and round it off. after it has been rounded mix the dough into the flour so that the dough is not sticky. Do it this way repeatedly until the dough runs out, then so that the dough looks inflated, leave for 21 minutes
4. After the let stand for 21 minutes and the batter is mixed with wheat flour expands, it is time Mother of heating oil, which has been given flour dough do not forget given hole. after cooking oil heats up, enter the donut batter into the frying oil, and use a small fire, wait until the donut changed

Example 2 How to Clean Glass Aquarium Crusty
Here is how to clean the aquarium glass so clear back. By using materials that have at home.
Preparation Tools and materials:
    Sponge or brush
    Toothpaste (which do not come)
    Clean water

    Dampen the tank with clean water
    Scrub and clean the Aquarium of dirt easily cleaned by using a fine sponge.
    Prepare Toothpaste and apply evenly using a sponge
    Rub the glass with a sponge or brush slowly by rotating.
    Make sure the entire surface of the tank has been rubbed with toothpaste.
    Let stand for 30 minutes and do not rinse first
    After 30 minutes again rub evenly
    Rinse and rub gently with clean water and make sure there is no toothpaste left.

Example 3 How to Make Folding Tables
First of all need to be prepared is woodworking equipment
    Drilling machine

The second preparation of the materials that will be used:
     wood battens
    Adjusted bolt size

For materials, you can buy it in a timber for plywood and you can buy it at the place where the recycled plywood, thus the price of the material to be used will be cheaper. Also read about Explanation About the house
The third stage of manufacture:
    Cut wood lath with a length of 30 cm make 4 pieces
    And measures 20 cm make 4 pieces, then create one central cross piece and make the bottom two pieces.
    Then drill at the ends for the bolt, which is long with short, and then in the Bolt predictably strong
    after that drill long pieces of wood in the middle of the wood with a (10 cm from the end of the timber) to bolt buffer
    Replace wood within their middle part of the desired long size
    Then attach plywood to the short wood with nails, hand in hand equate the inside and on the outside equate on the outer side
    post bottom
    and try the test by opening and closing the table

Still not enough? Try reading a collection of procedure text. There are a lot of instructions given to show how to create, do, and work on projects with simple an easy writing. All posts are not intended as a technical instruction but they are used as a media learn how to make writing procedure texts

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