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Understanding Recount Text in Story Genres

Have you noticed when learning English in high school? Recount text does have the same thing with story. Further many people are calling recount text into a personal narrative. Even so personal narrative should be distinguished from a narrative text which we discussed earlier.

How to Make Well Written Personal Recount Story
1. To remember events that never happened.
2. Choose the experience to be told.
3. Write down the main points of the events experienced by watching
    a. when and where the incident occurred
    b. people involved in the incident
    c. feelings you experience when it
    d. summary of events
4. Classify the events are fun and less fun.
Those are the steps to make the outline to write a well organized recount text. For detail implementation, see 3 samples below!

Personal Story 1
School holidays this semester I spent time with the family with a trip to a relative's house in Madura, approximately a 6 hour drive from Malang-Madura using bus transportation during the trip I saw many sights such as rice paddies, mountains, etc., do not feel already arrived in the city Madura when my brother got home I was greeted by my brothers, I've never met with my brother in Madura becaue  I rarely visit my brother in Madura, talking not feel it was night and I could not fall asleep.
The next day, I asked my brother to go sightseeing around the city of Madura I was also invited to the town square Madura there crowded at all the people who sell such as toys, food, etc. not felt the sky was getting dark we finally decided to go home on the go home I do not forget to buy food for the house, upon arriving home I immediately invited to watch a favorite movie ku when the movie takes place suddenly someone came it turned out it was a friend of my brother he was also watching the movie, do not feel the night wore on me and my brother decided to sleep.
On the next day, I do not know if this is a new year's day suddenly my brother came my surprise it turned out he wanted to take me to the square tonight to celebrate the new year together. In the evening I went with my brother to the square turns on city streets crowded Madura once more people are celebrating the New Year with his family, when the countdown arrived sky was dark now become colorful because decorated by fireworks. Not feel I've had many days are in Madura because the next day I had to go home to Malang before going home I do not forget to buy souvenirs typical of Madura is Brem to my brothers in Malang.

Personal Recount 2
Experience a vacation to Bandung. Free of all lessons is the first word that came to mind. Almost three weeks I spent my time at home. This opportunity I might not wasted. I spent my vacation with a variety of things is certainly very useful for brain health. HE ..HE ......... ..........
I went to the house Sisca and Ruth. There we played together trying to forget the lessons moment. Ratih is the type of person who can make people laugh with various knockling. By the time I and Sisca arriving at his house, we all laugh always made. In addition I went to the cafe to check my emails recently I made with my friends. I think this is very effective way to add friends and insights were very useful to me.
Vacation time I pretty much spend my time at home. At home I cleaned all the books I had not made anymore and packed books that are still useful for class XII later. I'm pretty busy at the moment have to prepare school supplies. I, mama, and along with my sister went to the bookstore and uniforms.
At home mostly I just play with my brother PS. Sometimes we fight just to fight over whose turn it will be next play.
This holiday so I use to soothe my brain which is already over the year accelerated to always learn. But this is all I'm doing well in preparation for going to school later.
O yes ......... Until forgot I also went to my house. There I was with my sister to stay for a few days. I was very happy there because I was invited to shop. Surely I'm not going to waste this chance I bought all the stuff I want. My aunt is very fond of us all. And so instead we are also very fond of us.
Finally learning activities will soon begin. With the preparations we have prepared all of us are not at a loss anymore. Finally, I will go back to normal activities, studying in class XII. Class which became consideration least I graduated. But I will do well in order not to disappoint my parents.

Recount Text Story 3
Anne Sixth Birthday. Today, Anne sixth birthday. Mama and Papa gave him gifts. The prize was very small. I opened the gift. Inside, there is a small piece of cloth. The color is yellow. There is a red lace around the sides.
Anne thanked Mama and Papa. However, he was disappointed, too. "At first birthday, I got a teddy bear.
On the second anniversary, the Barbie doll. On the third anniversary, I got the train. On the fourth anniversary gift doll house.
Then when the fifth birthday, I got the shoes. But now, in the sixth year, I just can rag. "
Papa went to work and Mama was busy in the kitchen. Anne confused what to do. He then tried his cloth. At first wipe the table. He lifted a box of fruit on the table. Ah, Anne found a beautiful hair ribbons.
"That fits in well with my hair," said Anne. Pita was then pinned in her hair.
Then Anne wiping the table four chairs. Wow, he found one item in each seat. There is a coloring book image, a box of crayons, a wallet that read 'Anne', and a gorgeous little comb. On the sideboard, Anne found a pair of shoes stuffed. Shoe was perfectly suited to the Barbie doll. On top of the television she found a lovely little ring. The ring was decorated with colorful glass stones. The size is very fit in the ring finger Anne.
When Anne watched the sparkling light of glass stones in the ring, Mama came. She smiled sweetly. "Anne," said Mama, "all of that for you. Mama intentionally hide that you find it. Do you like it?"
Mama then took a big birthday cake. On the cake was six candles.
Anne was very pleased. "Thank you, Ma," he said jubilantly. "Now I understand why Mama gave me a washcloth on my birthday this. Mom wanted me busy yes, while Mama prepared a surprise for me. Oh. It's a wonderful birthday!"

Well have you catch the point? All examples of recount text should elaborate series of event. It tells in detail from one event  to other events which participant got experienced. This personal or other experience is written and told to readers.

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