Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pictures Learning Narrative Structure

Mostly learning is trough written materials. When we learn English narrative text, we also read some written materials which discussed the definition, generic structure, language feature, and the moral value suggested.

Here we now learn English narrative text structure through 5 media of images to show you how easy to get better understading on the structure of narrative stories.

The first image is the story of Snow White. How is the structure of the story? Why can we label that story as narrative? See the explanation below through picture !

 The second picture is about the story of pursing Gold. To get better understanding on that story and the schematic structure, see the picture below!

The third image is the structure of a famous story "drower's wife" labeled as a narrative text. Here, we can see  the concise explanation through the image below!

Who never heard the story of Romeo and Juliet? I doubt it. Most of us hear or see the visual story of that romantic but tragic love story. The explanation on the structure is diagrammed below!

The last picture is the story from Taipei. It is about a fortune teller. How that story organized in narrative schematic structure? The image below explained.

For more lesson about the structure of story, see some examples of narrative text. They are given thoroughly from the structure analysis to the translation from the English text.

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